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How to Redeem Kato Prime's
$30 deposit bonus?

To celebrate Kato’s launching in SEA, we are giving away $30 deposit bonus for every minimum deposit of $100! Let’s find out how you can redeem this credit in 3 EASY steps!

Step 1

Make a deposit of $100 and above through any of our payment gateways

Step 2


Step 3

Make a $100 transfer from wallet to your new ADVANCED BONUS ACCOUNT

Terms & Conditions

No, this bonus acts as a margin support and cannot be withdrawn
Yes, all profits including initial deposit that can be transferred OUT from the advanced bonus account to your wallet is $ 300.
Please take note that you must refer to the steps above, especially STEP 1. A NEW deposit must be made. Funds that are already in your wallet, or transferred from OTHER trading accounts will be disqualified until a new deposit is made.

Introducing Our
Brand New Platform

Enjoy a feature-packed, more optimised experience with Kato Prime. If you are an existing customer and wish to experience the new platform, please contact support via the Live Chat & Ticketing Channels for an instant move!

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