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Kato's Premium DMA Trading

Limitless Investment Possibilities and Ever-Expending on Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and Foreign Exchange for maximum transparencies with our Premium DMA account.

How will our Premium DMA be the best option for you?

Direct Market Access, or DMA is the best trading option out there for you to trade due to full Market Depth access that enables Traders and Investors to have up-to-date insights and maximising the control of their trade on the best bids that are offers directly from our Liquidity Provider.

If you are planning to invest in Stocks that are 100% purely owned by you, open your account with our K’s Raw Premium Account.

Soon to be launched, Kato will have a platform that enable serious-stock buyers that can access their Portfolio and Invest everywhere whether on their Web Browser, Phones, PC’s and Tablets with just a click of a button! With Kato, your convenience is our top priority. All your funds and private data will be protected with our industry-leading security protocols by following the regulations strictly set by the IFSC. If you are looking to trade Contract-to-Differs, or CFD, we would recommend opening an account with our K’s Advanced Account. Short selling is permissible & you will get the best bid and offer price from our Liquidity Provider.

Benefits Of Kato's
Raw Premium Account

Deepest Liquidity, Stock 100% owned by you, Transparency and Flexibility, Charged via commission not spread, The best prices are available
Let’s Invest In the Brands that We Love.